Our Tutors are all Community Focused and have many years experience working with the public and private sectors.

About Sherry         Clay, Hebel, Glass Fusing, Ceramics, Sand Blasting, Scan N Cut Classes
sherry aSherry Austin first discovered her interest in art approximately fifteen years ago when visiting her cousin in Canada. She prefers to do portraits, nudes and anything precious to her such as family and pets, and enjoys using pastels and dabbles in acrylics, pencils and charcoal.
Sherry’s first introduction to the medium of clay was at Grafton Artsfest in 2002 where under the tuition of Debbie Gillett, Sherry realized her talent and love for this expressive medium. Enrolment in an Advanced Diploma of Ceramics quickly followed as she became eager to learn as much as possible about working with clay and the various firing techniques, eventually gaining her Diploma of Visual Arts. Working with clay has given her added enthusiasm in her art ventures.a sherry Sherry prefers to work in sculptural forms mainly in figures and busts, and always experimenting with finishes. Experimentation in further mediums such as glass and hebel have been the result of skills gained from courses undertaken at various festivals. 
Sherry’s community involvement has always been a driving force and she is proud of such achievements as establishing the Art & Pottery Studios at Logan Lea and her involvement in projects such as Community Renewal at Adelaide Circuit Park Beenleigh. BraveheartMany years of Bikini Torso
serving on the LCC RADF Board has been an enriching and learning experience, while employment working with different community centres has been a mix of financial administration and organizing community activities such as BCC Gold, Chill Out, Gold’N’Kids and Krank Holiday activities.Classes for all mediums, abilities and ages are listed on the Calendar. For specialist classes, such as Hebel Carving, large clay sculptures, mould making, slip casting or glass slumping, ring Sherry, and book by appointment.

About Rob               Clay, Beading, Jewellery, Glass Fusing Classes
RobWednesday mornings our art studio hosts a lesson in drawing and painting skills for beginners and intermediate. Rob has been an artist for over 40years, having started with drawing and oil painting. Adding to her skills through undertaking courses and workshops, Rob now finds her favourite mediums are clay and glass. She also still works in pastels, acrylics, oils and life drawing, and hebel carving when the occasion arises.
Rob has been engaged as a facilitator of numerous workshops for both children and adults in the mediums of clay, glass, beads, acrylics and mixed media. jewellery As well as being a regular Krank Facilitator Rob was also involved in the RADF Community Project of The Totem Pole Public Art Work with Sherry, Mary and Sandra along with many of the volunteer assistants who took part in community sessions with them.

About Marnie               Qualified Art Tutor and Transpersonal Art Therapist
Marnie Flood
I have been an Artist for the major part of my life. I have experience in teaching Art with children to adults, and those with special needs. My specialised area is Drawing and Painting using the medium of pencils, ink pens and Watercolours.
Along with experimenting in other areas of Art, I have gained skills in pottery, hand building and wheel throwing since 2001. When students enjoy themselves, gaining insight and empowerment, this is a pleasure in knowing I have accomplished my aims.
Some of my achievements are
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Advanced Diploma of Transperonal Art Therapy
Diploma of Visual Arts
Certificate 2 and 3 Ceramics
‘There is so much in life to benefit from the experience of insight with the use of Art as Therapy’  Marnie.

               Disabilities and Handcrafts                   

At present we do not have a dedicated class for Disability Clients but if there is a group who wish to book in for a special session, please contact Sherry or Marnie to discuss options. The therapeutic value of art involvement is well documented and we love to give our special students opportunities to express themselves and learn new skills.FB-LikeButton-online-58Like us on our Facebook Page